Environmental Audits

The Pedestrian Environment Data Scan (PEDS) Tool was created by Dr. Kelly Clifton, University of Maryland; Andria Livi, University of Maryland; and Daniel Rodriguez, University of North Carolina, and supported by a grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Active Living Research program.

The PEDS instrument was developed to measure environmental features that relate to walking in varied environments in the US. The audit instrument was designed to specifically address pedestrian concerns as well as minimize cost and implementation time. An electronic (palmOS) version of the audit is available, as are extensive training materials.

For more information about PEDS please contact:

Dr. Kelly Clifton
University of Maryland
Department of Urban Studies and Planning National Center for Smart Growth
Preinkert Field House, Suite 1112
College Park, MD 20742
P: 301 405 1945
F: 301 314 5639
E: kclifton@umd.edu

PEDS Instrument (link to PDF)
PEDS Protocol (link to PDF)
PEDS mini en espanol (link to PDF)